As a user of MMA Tycoon, you are encouraged to register an account on the user guide and help site and contribute your own hints and tips, to help out your fellow users. So whilst the official pages are locked, you can create your own page or edit any of the pages created by other users.

Guidelines Edit

  • Make sure what you create is meaningful. Don't create a page to tell everyone how funny your fighter's nickname is, or how you just won some meaningless title for the first time. Make sure what you create is of relevance and interest to the MMA Tycoon community as a whole.
  • Do not use racist or abusive language or content. If you do, you will be banned without hesitation.

User added content Edit

So with that said, it's over to you guys! I will initially split the user added content into two sections - what you want to do with it from here is up to you (unless I disagree with how you do it of course ;) ).

Please use the following pages as menu system for adding new content.