Both your manager profile (manager) character and your fighters will have possessions, which consist of clothing and nutritional products.

As a manager, you are able to give your fighters products but you are not able to take any off them.

Your managerial possessionsEdit

Your manager's character does not wear any clothes (how rude), but he/she will be able to keep hold of as many items of clothing and nutritional supplements as you like. These are split into 3 sections - t-shirts, shorts and nutrition.

To give these products to any of your fighters, select the fighter from the drop down menu and click submit. Each time you do this, it will give one of that particular item to that fighter. So if you have 4 "Blue Tripout T-shirt"s and you click submit, it will give one to your fighter and you will keep 3.

Sending to different locationsEdit

If you send an item to a different location, it will take 3 days to arrive. So if I send a t-shirt to a fighter in Las Vegas and I'm in London, it will disappear for 3 days then appear in their possessions.

Possessions in transitEdit

If you purchase products from a city other than your own, or if a fighter purchases products from a city where they are not currently located, the item will be put into "possessions in transit" and will arrive 3 days later. You also have to pay $5 postage and packing on this item.

Your fighter's possessionsEdit


Your fighters will all need to wear one t-shirt and one pair of shorts at a time. You can select what items they wear here.

Be aware that the condition of the clothing will change through time and when the condition dips, it will negatively affect your fighter's morale. The only exception to this rule is the magic white clothing, which will never decrease in quality and will remain "adequate" at all times. Adequate isn't that great though, so if you want to keep a high morale level, you will need to keep buying your fighter new clothes.


Your fighters don't have to use any nutritional products but if you want them to train more quickly, you should try them out.

The "quantity" displayed for fighters differs slightly from that in your managerial possessions list. Whereas in the managerial section it will display the number of tubs you currently have in your possession, when your fighters have some nutritional supplements, it will display the number of days worth of product they have left. Each tub of supplement lasts for 14 days.