The map page displays all the cities within the game. It also displays some statistics on each city, giving a nice summary of which cities are the busiest and most popular.

Also from the map page you can change your fighter's location / base or indeed your own managerial base.

Change manager baseEdit

You may wish to change your managerial base location to make it easier to interact with your fighters. When changing your base you will have to pay significant fees to move all your possessions and will obviously have to pay travel expenses too.

  • Cost for moving to a new base will depend on the distance between the two locations. The further away the new location is, the more it will cost.

Change fighter locationEdit

Changing your fighter location basically means they will visit that location and live in a hotel whilst they are at the destination location.

  • Hotel fees are always $100 per night.
  • However, travel between the locations will cost more if it is a longer journey. Travel expenses and journey times between cities can be found on the travel page.

Change fighter baseEdit

Changing the fighter base will move your fighter's location permanently (or at least until you move them again). They will have to pay moving fees and will also take a hit to their energy and morale levels because moving will be both physically tiring and also stressful, having to leave all their friends and family.

See alsoEdit

  • Travel for full details on cost of moving to, or visiting a new location, as well as journey times.