Running a fight alliance will not earn you any money but can be good fun instead... It's not real money anyway so who cares!

Basic SettingsEdit


The name of your alliance. Keep it clean.

Base LocationEdit

Your alliance will show up on just one of the highstreets, for one city. As there is no real physical base location and because people can join your alliance from around the world, you are allowed to change the location at any time, with no charge.


The number of members currently registered at your alliance.


You can link to your alliance homepage, if you decide to create anything off site.


A logo to be displayed on your alliance homepage. Please keep in clean and for best results, upload a jpg or gif measuring 205(wide)x175(high).


The thumbnail will appear on all fighter's profile pages, who are in your alliance. The size of such images should be 110(wide)x50(high).

Invite only?Edit

You can leave this blank and let anyone join your alliance or you can make the alliance invite only. If you do this, you will have to invite fighters using the "invite fighters" form, by inputting their fighter ID.

Team mottoEdit

Add your team motto, which will be displayed on the public version of the alliance page. Maximum 400 characters.


A list of all current members, that being the managers rather than the fighters.

Invite membersEdit

If you have set your alliance to be an invite only alliance, you can invite people using this form. Input their manager ID and click submit - they will receive an invite to your alliance. Do not invite people randomly (in other words, don't SPAM strangers)! If you do, you will be warned initially and then banned if you persist.

Executive membersEdit

You can give members of your alliance executive member status. Do this to a maximum of 5 people. You may give them the ability to invite members and also you can select one of your executive members as your second in command, so that if you lose your VIP membership, the alliance will be passed on to this user.