All clothing companies within the game are run by real users.

Buying clothingEdit

When you buy any clothing, the cost will come out of your managerial account, even if you are buying directly for one of your fighters.

Buying from other locationsEdit

If you buy an item from another location to where it is destined then you will have to pay 10% extra postage fee and the item will take 3 days to arrive at it's destination.

  • For example, if you are buying from Las Vegas and you are buying for one of your fighters who live in London, it will cost 10% extra an take 3 days to arrive.
  • However, if you are based in Las Vegas and you are buying an item from a London shop, to give to a London fighter, it will be delivered immediately at face value.

Affects on moraleEdit

Your fighter's clothing will affect that fighter's morale. When you first buy a t-shirt or shorts it will be in brand new condition and will affect your fighter's morale positively. However, each day you wear that item of clothing it will wear out and become more and more dirty. The more dirty it gets, the more negative effects the clothing condition have on that fighter's morale.

The only type of clothing which doesn't work like this is the Magic white t-shirt/shorts, which have a fixed quality level of adequate and therefore has a more predictable effect on fighter morale.

Reporting inappropriate designsEdit

If you see any inappropriate designs on the site (e.g. offensive or copyrighted designs), please contact

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