Bookmakers allow users within the game to bet their in game bank balance on both real life and in game fights.

Different bookmakersEdit

There are a number of bookmakers within the game. Just like in real life they will offer different odds on each fight. Also, any bookmaker can set a maximum bet for each fight, so you may want to shop around.

Bookmakers do not have to display odds for all fights.

Understanding fight oddsEdit

MMA Tycoon displays odds in two different ways - American and Decimal. You can change between the two displays using the drop down menu at the top of the page.

To understand each type of odds, check out our betting odds guide.

Your betting historyEdit

If you have previously bet at a bookmakers, you will be able to view your betting history, including your total winnings / losses. In other words, this section will tell you where it all went wrong (probably).

Real life fightsEdit

Real life MMA events will be added by admin and can be displayed by any bookmaker manager if they wish. Odds can be edited by the manager as they wish.

In game fightsEdit

Odds are also offered on in game fights. A bookmaker can display odds on any fight within the game that is not a QFC fight.

Fight fixingEdit

When it comes to in-game fights, obviously the possibility of fight fixing is there as a temptation. In two words, don't bother.... seriously, we'll find you out and you will be banned.

Fight tactics are stored for each fight and if it looks like you've thrown a fight to make some money (by using inappropriate tactics), your membership will be terminated. Obviously this does not just apply to betting against your own fights but if it appears that there is a betting cartel, you may all be banned.

If you believe you have seen strange betting or results, please report them in the forum, in the fight fixing section.

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