MMA Tycoon provides a way for it's users to earn some significant income by referring people to the game. You can find the affiliate system via your in game user account (by clicking on the Affiliate button in the main menu).

How much you can earn Edit

For every user you refer, we will give you 20% of their first VIP purchase. With VIP being $30 per year, this means you can earn up to $6 per signup.

Your referral URL Edit

You are provided with a referral URL on the edit manager details and affiliate pages. You can use this URL on any website, email, forum, myspace page, facebook page etc and any time someone uses that link to sign up, you will be credited as their referrer. If they then choose to buy VIP, your account will automatically be credited with the appropriate earnings.

  • example url would be

Withdrawing from your balance Edit

To withdraw from your balance, you need to have a working Paypal account. Input the desired withdrawal value and you will be sent a confirmation email. Once you click the confirmation link in that email, your request will be sent to Tycoon admin central where it will be processed as soon as possible. All withdrawals are dealt with manually to help avoid any dodgy business.

Buying VIP with your earnings Edit

Instead of withdrawing money, you can use it to purchase VIP membership at a reduced rate of $2.40 per month (paying directly costs between $3.33 and $2.50 per month). Of course, this is great for people who don't have a Paypal account.

Special referral pagesEdit

In special circumstances, we will happily create a special referral page for you manually. For instance, if you run a radio show, it's not exactly practical to read out your referral URL on air, given that it will look something like this; Not exactly memorable...

So what we can do for you is create an entry page with a URL like this We will then create a basic HTML page with your referral URL on it. If you would like a page like this, please contact us at